if you think you pay
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Taxes don't have to be a mystery when you understand the difference between tax filing & tax planning. You can actually use the tax code to CUT thousands and even millions off your tax bill!


  • Business Owners

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  • Real Estate Investors

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  • Long-Term Investors

    Do your advisors know how to structure the most tax-efficient portfolio for you?

This book teaches you how to turn ordinary spending into tax savings!


As a Certified Tax Coach, Damon Yudichak works with business owners to reduce their liabilities and increase their tax savings. He considers his three-year commitment to the US Army to be one of the best decisions he has made because it formed the backbone of his work ethic. Damon's primary mission is to help business owners find money they didn't know they had.

Damon purchased his first business, a commercial cleaning business, while studying accounting at North Carolina State University. While running this business, he had learned firsthand the joys and challenges of business ownership. It was also there that he received his first big tax bill. After receiving his accounting degree from NC State, Damon worked as a corporate accountant, tax accountant, and auditor. He went on to earn a Master's of Business Administration in order to broaden his business understanding beyond tax and accounting. The most valuable lesson he learned from business school is that all business is based on personal relationships.

In 2010, the Triangle Business Journal awarded Damon with the 40 Under 40 Leadership Award. In his free time, Damon enjoys spending time with his wife, two daughters, and son. He enjoys running and training for marathons. He loves the adventure that marathons bring into his life.